Clean Communities, Clean Oceans


Environment360 works to keep communities clean so that our oceans can stay clean and healthy. 


We create inclusive, circular economies in coastal and urban areas that yield maximum impact for the communities they serve.


We work with informal sector workers at the bottom of the economic ladder to create economic and environmental impact.   believe that we can  that have economic and environmental impact on the communities they serve. 

We recognize that communites are diverse, as a result, we work with our communities to co-design programs that work for them. 

We partner with both the public and private sector to create impactful programs that reflect the culture and values of the communities we serve. 


Environment360 is the creator of the first successful community recycling program for plastics in Ghana. Through its program, more than 120 tons of plastic and 200 tons of paper have been collected.


Our in-school programs teach children waste segregation, expose them to green careers and technology and help them fight climate change by developing local solutions. 


The organization is sponsored through partnerships and membership fees from corporations and community members. 

​​Call us: 233(0)244-669-851

2015 UNICEF Reach for Change Award Winner