• Cordie Aziz


Our Executive Director, Ms Cordie Aziz, delivering a speech at the 2018 Afriwaste Conference

Afriwaste Conference 2018 was held in Marrakesh Morocco in order to explore sustainable waste management practices in Africa. The event featured a variety of academic studies from African scholars regarding organic waste, lime sludge and sustainable solid waste management systems for developing countries. The conference had representatives from Germany, Morocco, Cote D'Ivoire, as well as Cameroon.  

The goal of the bi-annual conference is to share best practices and new technologies of sustainable waste management practices to help contribute to the growing field of research on waste coming from the continent. 

Our Executive Director, Cordie Aziz, spoke about building circular economies in developing countries using Ghana as an example. During her presentation she highlighted the Pick-It Project, as well as a Environment360's GIZ project, which has established a take back system for PET bottles from informal sector workers. Ms. Aziz discussed the pros and cons of both models, as well as shared preliminary results of each project with conference attendees. She also highlighted the important role private sector must play in a circular economy, as well as highlighted the link between circular economies and the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. 

The Pick-It Project is a partnership between Environment360, Danone Ecosystem Fund, WIEGO and MIT. 

A group photo of all participants of this year's Afriwaste Conference


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