• Cordie Aziz

Waste Pickers OHS training

Whereas the activities of waste pickers contribute significantly to waste management with implications for environmental management and public health, waste pickers are typically confronted with diverse challenges. Primarily, waste pickers undertake their activities under poor working conditions with an impact not only on their health and well-being but also on their ability to earn incomes and enhance livelihoods. The occupational health and safety risks associated with the activities of waste pickers are diverse and important. It is against this background that WIEGO within the framework of Pick-It and Reducing Waste in Coastal Cities (ReWCC) projects organised five (5) training sessions between 15th September 2018 and 6th October 2018 on OHS for members of the Biakoye Waste Pickers and Kpone Landfill Waste Pickers Associations. The overarching goal of these OHS training is to sensitize women and men waste pickers on appropriate OHS protocols to improve their working conditions and minimize the risks associated with their activities. One hundred and twenty-seven (127) waste pickers (62 men and 65 women) participated in these training sessions. The sessions were facilitated by various resource persons with expertise in OHS. The presentations and discussions during the OHS training sessions covered the following themes among others: an introduction to OHS and landfill operations, the importance of OHS for waste pickers, how to present and control accidents at work, and an introduction to the appropriate PPE for waste pickers. It is expected that waste pickers that participated in the training sessions will have enhanced knowledge on relevant OHS protocols, have increased understanding on the importance of using appropriate PPE, and their ability to prevent accidents at work increased.

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