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Waste pickers move into business mode

Environment 360, collaborating with FanMilk ,WIEGO and MIT to help create the first inclusive recycling system in Ghana with 32 waste pickers from Tema New Town and the Kpong Landfill Site. The Project  has built a sorting center in Tema New Town which allows waste pickers to work in a safe and healthy environment. The project also creates relationships between waste pickers and industries to facilitate direct selling to recycling industries.

Sorting centre at Tema New Town


The PRE - LAUNCH  was held  at the new sorting center at Tema  New Town with the waste pickers on the 21st of June, 2018. 32 waste pickers joined the  pre- launch activities and got the opportunity to interact with the Executive Director of Environment 360 (MS. CORDIE AZIZ). It was to help them better understand their roles at the sorting center amongst others.

The pre- launch served as a form of interaction for the organization and the waste pickers, for them to get a better understanding of the association and the business. 

During the pre - launch waste pickers were made to understand the supply chain better and also know how to source for their materials by expanding their collection networks and relationships.

Environment360 took the opportunity to present the waste pickers with some PPEs to assist in their work, minimizing the possibility of injuries. They were presented with Reflectors, Hand Gloves, Safety Boots, and their Identification Cards.


Mr. Mensah, a member of staff at Environment360 highlighted the difference between the association and the business to the waste pickers . He had to explain it to the waste pickers in their various languages, to better help them understand. He explained to them that their respective associations were entirely separate form the Pick - It project. Whereas the project is a joint effort between people who have agreed to work together as a united front for their recycling business, the association is basically them agreeing to belong to a body for various reasons. He therefore explained that, the business (sorting center) is not an extension of their associations, implying that, offices/positions held in their associations does not necessarily translate to same at the sorting center.

He proceeded to expound some key business ideals that they need to be aware of to ensure the success of the project; Teamwork, Cost-effectiveness, Decision-making amongst others.

He then enlightened them on how to operate the sorting for a 90 days overview  a. Prototype  b. Hours of  Operation  c. Shifts  d. One tricycle available 

  • Tricycle has set hours to operate 

  • Tricycle stays at sorting  center.

e. Recording and verifying weight f. Payments g. first sale

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