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Waste Pickers finalize their business model

On the 3rd-8th of May 2018, waste pickers from the Tema and Kpone areas finalized their business model and chose their roles in the sorting center. The sorting center, which is located in Tema New Town is the first sorting center for recyclables in Ghana The project, which is financed by Danone Ecosystem,  is collaborative project between Environment360, Fan Milk Limited with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), WIEGO. The project is aimed at improving the livelihoods of the waste picker and increasing the collection of plastics. Below are some pictures of the activities that went on.

The waste pickers from the Tema New Town and Kpone landfill continued to build out their business with the second Creative Capacity Building Workshop, dubbed the CCB-B. 

This work shop took on a similar format as the first, using role playing and group activities to help waste pickers decide how to build their business. 

25 waste-pickers participated in the week long training and got their first chance to interact with the Tema New Town Community by distributing surveys to better understand how to format residential collection services.

The workshop served as a true bonding experience for the two groups and provided a solid foundation for them to launch their business. Accomplishments from the work shop included developing a mission and vision for their business, choosing their roles inside of the sorting center and choosing the name of their choice, Pick-It. 

Waste pickers are expected to start working from the sorting center during the last two weeks of June. During the exercise waste pickers were able to determine their supply chain better understanding how they will get materials and who they are selling to. (bottom, left) In order to understand marketing, waste pickers worked in groups to build a product and then market the product. This exercise will help them understand their recyclables as a commodity. Below one group is pictured with chale wote (flip flops) they made.

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