• Cordie Aziz

THE 5R's of Sustainability.

Despite the saddening trends in waste disposal, we can find positive ways to be involved in the cycle of production ,consumption and waste. The 5Rs can help us distinguish what is truly wasteful and what is not and these are Refuse, Reduce ,Reuse, Recycle and Rot. A brief explanation of the 5rs as follows,

REDUCE: It suggests cutting back on the quantity and the kind of products you buy. The idea is to consume less, which results in less waste produced.

REFUSE: Here ,we are asked to learn how to say NO! Eg. Saying no to items wrapped in plastic packaging, disposables etc. The more we accept these things they would inevitably end up in our landfills.

REUSE: Instead of us throwing away products we no longer think we need why don't we try repurposing them. We can reuse glass jars, carrier bags containers etc.

RECYCLE: It is the process of converting waste materials into reusable objects to prevent waste of potentially useful materials. Items that can be recycled are our mineral water bottles ,oil gallons etc. Please visit any of our community containers to drop of your plastic waste for recycling.

ROT: This includes the act of composting. Some items that are compostable are all types of food, plant trimmings, leaves, flowers, weeds and solid paper products(such as used paper napkins/towels/plates, coffee cups and paper to-go containers)



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