• Cordie Aziz

Talking Rubbish – how children are the key to a greener future

Charity Environment360 is turning a nation of children into a nation of eco-warriors

“Children are key to change because they are not set in their ways,” explains Cordie Aziz, Executive Director of charity Environment360, a charity dedicated to cleaning up Accra. “Our organisation believes that children are powerful change agents that can transform their communities into cleaner and greener spaces. Our diverse programmes empower children to clean their communities as well as gain a greater appreciation of nature.”

Environment 360 works with children through educational field trips, ‘do it yourself’ workshops and a variety of recyclable art classes that teach children how to creatively reuse their waste. They are also working with Voltic, Ghana's largest water supplier, on a series community recycling programmes. “Environment360 believes that waste is a way to economically empower many disenfranchised individuals. We believe that by exposing people to the opportunities that exist in the trash industry we can create an entire generation of leaders that create sustainable products that help us not only keep Ghana clean, but help combat climate change and environmental degradation throughout the world.”

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