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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

‘Float Your Boat’ is Environment360’s annual fundraiser which creates environmental education programs for school children in coastal and urban regions as well as raise awareness about environmental issues in Ghana.

We believe in making every edition special and hence would need your support or that of your esteemed organization to register government school students. This would unravel their talents in building a boat using recyclable materials.

As an NGO, Environment360 has been supporting its own school programs without a core funding. Hence, we need the support of the communities we serve which includes your community, to support our school programs. Through our school programs, we have educated over 65,000 students on proper waste management and waste segregation. Help us raise funds to support this activity and other outlined projects for schools by donating to a good cause. The seed you sow today, will have a ripple effect on society tomorrow.

We are targeting to raise 50,000 cedis for this project. We believe it is possible because we know how generous the members of the community we serve are.

Supporting the 5th Annual Float Your Boat enables you or your organization to inspire, engage and empower exceptional young students to become tomorrow’s leaders. As a partner and sponsor of the Float Your Boat competition, you will be provided with valuable opportunities to enable you or your organization:

  • Sponsor a public school to race in this competition.

  • Invest in a greener Ghana and also environmental education in Ghana.

  • Instill confidence in students to unlock their talents to impact their future.

We recognize that you may have unique sponsorship needs and will be happy to work with you to find the best value for your sponsorship. Please find below sponsorship packages for your consideration.

To support the vision of ensuring the future of sustainable environment, we look forward to a sponsorship from you and/ or your esteemed organisation.

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Click here to sign up.


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