• Cordie Aziz

School Corner: Activities and Volunteer Spotlight

Students took part in a matching activity this past month intended to better help them identify what waste items go into each bin. Various bins were projected on a board and pictures of food were handed to students in the classroom. Students then got an opportunity to match their picture with the appropriate bin. 

More than 400 children participated in this activity, which is intended to help them better identify recyclable materials. 

My name is Dagna Rams. I am working on PhD on scrap metal markets in Ghana (and West Africa). I am passionate about the credo of reduce - reuse - recycle. I worry often about our planet overheating, our waterways chocking and our ecosystems disappearing. I would like to bring my experience of working with students and to Environment360. I always think of the relevance of what I am teaching and I strongly feel that Accra's residents - me included - can reduce their plastic use without much sacrifice (a bottle of water in a black rubber? Please...). 

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2015 UNICEF Reach for Change Award Winner