• Cordie Aziz

Recycling in Accra made easy (and fun!)

Martial outside the completed classroom

Did you know that you could help to build a community literacy centre? How? By simply taking a few minutes to stop off in Kokrobitey village and drop off your empty plastic water or soda bottles.

Recycling is something that is taken for granted as a part of daily life in many Westernised countries and cities. It’s often even part of the municipal refuse collection service. Not so in Accra, which is partly why the city is struggling to deal with the over one million tons of trash its inhabitants produce each year. Accra’s only sanitary landfill facility is expected to fill completely within the next two years, and one out of three informal landfills dotted around the city is already over capacity.

According to Environment360’s dynamic and passionate founder and executive director, Cordie Aziz, “Over 90% of trash is recyclable. The problem is that a recycling system has not been in place [in Ghana].” She has set out to change this with the goal of, “A cleaner Accra, a cleaner Ghana, and more economic opportunity.”

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