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Promoting a culture of waste separation in Ghana: Legon interdenominational church leads the way

Despite persistent calls from environmentalists and other interest groups, Government is unable to ban the use of plastics in Ghana due to the absence of a policy. This is according to the Minister for Environment Science Technology and Innovation Professor Frimpong Boateng (source: https://citinewsroom.com/2018/04/11/govt-cannot-ban-plastics-now-minister/).

Collaboration with Environment360:

Convinced of patriotic objectives and at the invitation of SAM, LIC’s two neighboring churches – the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church – joined the project. Soon a number of off-campus individuals and institutions also came aboard either as contributors of plastic waste or as volunteers. The growth and success of LIC’s Plastic Waste Project is made evident by the fact that with the increasing volumes of waste collected, and faced with the challenge of high overhead costs, SAM sought and found a new partner. Early 2017, it identified and commenced collaboration with Environment360, an organization credited for being the first successful plastic waste recycling organization in Ghana. Environment360 currently collects over 2000 tons of plastic wastes every month for recycling. Environment360 has provided large depositing bins sited on the premises of each of the three churches involved in the LIC project. The provision of these bins allows members to bring their plastic waste throughout the month. The partnership with Environment360 in managing the weekdays and once-a-month collection program has resulted in a more efficient and convenient system for patrons of the LIC project.

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