• Cordie Aziz

‘PLASTIC PLANET’: an exhibit committed to deal with the problem of plastics

Plastic waste has become an emergency problem around the world, and specifically in Ghana.

It is harmful to our health, animal life in the ocean and on land, and it affects sanitation systems.

Time has come to move away from purchasing plastic products, as well as to develop sound treatment from waste collection to recycling into new products and create awareness.

An example is the Green Teams at Embassies in Accra working together with environmental NGOs to showcase the challenge as well as solutions.

Last Thursday night, the Green Teams together with the Asohoma Photo Club arranged “Plastic Planet”, a photo exhibit at the residence of the Norwegian Ambassador.

The Environmental NGOs, Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE), Plastic Punch and Environment360, were also present at ‘Plastic Planet’ last night, so were a number of creative artists as Sergey Clottey, Mcintouch and musician Emmanuel Akambo working on issues related to plastics.

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