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Pick- IT CODE OF CONDUCT BUILD-IT - Environment360 / MIT

The focus of the Build-It was to identify essential rules and regulations that will help the Waste pickers maintain order within the sorting centre and their business. During the section, participants took their time to reflect on their business’s challenges as well as key values, mission, and vision in their Business Manifesto to aid the discussion. It also helped Waste pickers to create a set of rules that will allow them to clearly understand what is expected of them as they work together to grow their business.  David Ablorh, Israel Agbleta, and Johnson Asante facilitated the workshop. A total of seventeen (17) Waste pickers participated in this including the leadership of both the Sorting centre and Biakoye Women’s group and members of Biakoye and Kpone landfill associations. During the workshop, participants identified their challenges as; Disrespect, Theft, Chain of command, Respect for time and Fighting. After which they produced a PATH statement.

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