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Open Burning Workshop

Updated: May 10, 2019

Environment360 organized a stakeholder conference on Open Burning in connection with its work with the Ghana and U.S. EPA to reduce the amount of the amount of short-lived pollutants found in the atmosphere. The conference was organised at the Accra City Hotel on the 11th of April, 2019, and was the first step in creating a comprehensive educational campaign on open burning for the Jamestown community.  

Community Members and government officials joined at the event to discuss the best ways to educate the community on the dangers of open burning, the best educational methods to use, as well as challenges that may be faced in creating collection and recycling programs for the community. Stakeholders from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Office of Sustainability and Ghana EPA were present to discuss current initiatives to help combat and monitor air pollution, as well as the Breathe Life Campaign, that AMA has with the World Health Organization.

Ghana EPA defines open burning, as the burning of refuse, while pollution from cook stoves is noted as household pollution.  It has been noted by the World Health Organization (WHO) that nearly 6,000 Ghanaians die from air pollution each year. Worldwide, WHO it has been noted 3.8 million people die from air pollution. 

Participants present at the workshop

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