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Mohinani Group collaborates with Environment360 to launch recycling competition in public schools

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Ecoman with students at the launch of Mohinani School Recycling competition

The Mohinani Group in collaboration with Environment360, has launched its 3rd annual recycling competition under the theme ‘Play Your Part, Recycle’. The theme as it reads stimulates the personal development of Ghanaians towards Recycling & Proper Waste Management, and is directly in line with the Ministry of Sanitation’s ‘Clean Ghana Campaign’.

This year, forty-six (46) schools are competing to ascertain which school can manage their waste and collect the most recyclable materials.

The Best Primary and Junior High School to manage and collect the most recyclable waste will receive a token of GHS 2,500 each from the Mohinani Group for their contribution and effort in helping promote a clean, healthy and Green environment.

The pupils and class to gather and collect the most recyclable material during the competition will be entitled to a ‘KFC’ treat to appreciate their sense of oneness and drive to go Green.

Environment360’s Executive Director, Cordie Aziz, is excited to host the Mohinani Group in implementing its largest recycling competition ever.

“Traditionally, when we do the competition we have around twenty (20) schools. This is the first time that we have had 46. We estimate that around 13,000 children in both Accra and Tema will take part in this competition. We are looking forward to the continued support of the Ghana Education Service both in Accra and Kumasi to make this a successful event” Cordie Aziz.

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