• Cordie Aziz

Knowledge Sharing in Koforidua

Members of the Scrap Dealers Association present at the event.

On the 15th and 16th of February 2019, the leadership of the Oforikrom Dagomba Line Scrap Dealers Association (ODLSDA) embarked on a trip to Koforidua to meet, interact and learn from the Eastern Region Scrap Dealers Association, an association of Scrap Dealers all across the Eastern Region of Ghana. This trip was a knowledge sharing trip intended to help ODLSDA familiarize themselves with similar associations across the country in a bid to improve their identity and give credibility to their work.

The session gave the Eastern Region Scrap Dealers Association an opportunity to counsel the much younger ODLSDA association on a variety of topics, including Welfare, Membership and Leadership. This exercise afforded them time to discuss the pertinent issues and find solutions to same.

It proved to be a very productive and successful exercise for both parties as the leadership of the Eastern Region Scrap Dealers Association offered their continuous support for the Oforikrom Dagomba Line Scrap Dealers Association in expanding and growing their association.The Oforikrom Dagomba Line Scrap Dealers have been beneficiaries of a PET Take Back scheme financed by the GIZ and the German Federal State of North Rhine Westphalia  and implemented by Environment360.

The project sought to diversify the income streams of the scrap dealers by expanding their collection scope to include plastics, PET to be precise.

One other major objective of the project was to equip their association, currently made up of 70 members with a potential to increase to 300, with leadership skills to help the elected leaders of the association manage and grow the association.

Images from the Knowledge Sharing in Koforidua



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