• Cordie Aziz

International Waste Pickers' Day!!!

International Waste Pickers' Day is observed in honor of eleven Waste Pickers who were brutally killed in the University of Barranquilla- Columbia in 1992.

As the world marks International Waste Pickers' Day on the 1st of March, we choose to celebrate our waste pickers' who have tirelessly and diligently worked hard over the past years, to contribute massively to keep Ghana clean and green.

Environment360 is proud to be supporting waste pickers to roll out a residential collection scheme in Tema New Town. This exercise is in collaboration with the waste pickers of the Bia Koye Community Waste Pickers Association and the Waste Department and Environmental Health Directorate of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly. The effort intends to expand the collection routes for the waste pickers in the community and capture recyclable waste at its source of origin to avoid it being indiscriminately dumped and burned in the community. 

The residential recycling program seeks to educate residents on measures to help promote environmental sustainability. This education includes change of attitude and a quest to incite a recycling mindset among residents.

The process for this project will include individual household education and sensitization, registration of households that express interest in project (name, locality, landmark, contact number, Ghana Post GPS points) and provision of a recycling bag and a sticker to identify registered households. 

To all our waste pickers and those all around the world, we say; Happy International Waste Pickers' Day! 

Pictures of our waste pickers working at the sorting center in Tema New Town.



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