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Inclusive recycling system Pick-it! Co-designed by Fan Milk, Environment360, MIT D-Lab and WIEGO

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Waste-picking around the world

There are an estimated 20 million waste pickers collecting and sorting plastic, metal, paper, and cardboard all over the world. They play an important role in efforts to clean up cities and increase the amount of waste material that is recycled. However mechanisms have not yet been developed to adequately compensate informal recyclers for the important services they provide as key environmental workers. Equally critical, methods for  incorporating them into a more circular economy, which can simultaneously increase earnings and heighten positive impact on the environment, have yet to be designed.


Fan MilkWIEGOEnvironment 360, and MIT D-Lab are working in partnership to develop an inclusive recycling system that effectively incorporates the work of waste pickers in Accra, Ghana. The first phase of the program lays the groundwork for an inclusive business model that, in Phase II, can be scaled in Greater Accra and, in Phase III, can be expanded into regions throughout Ghana.

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