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“I imagine Ghana” incubator programme – meet their 7 changemakers and where they are now

Challenges faced by children and their families have rapidly evolved due to urbanization, climate change, lack of employment opportunities, broken education systems, increased disparities, and digital divides. New problem-solving approaches are essential to address these challenges.

In Ghana, as in many other countries, local innovative problem-solvers are developing solutions to improve the lives of children. What they need now is the support to take their solutions to scale. To address this need and also support the local innovation ecosystem more holistically, UNICEF Ghana partnered with Reach for Change foundation and the European Union to establish the “I imagine Ghana” an innovation incubator programme in 2015.

The primary goal of “I imagine Ghana” is to support local social innovators, and bring their ideas to life through financial support from UNICEF and the EU and business coaching and mentoring assistance provided by Reach for Change and their affiliated network of experts.

Out of the over 200 applications received from local innovators across all UNICEF programme areas: Child Protection; Health & Nutrition; Water Sanitation and Hygiene; and Voice and Youth Participation, 7 innovators were chosen to be part of the incubator programme for a year.

Financial grant of up to USD 8,201.00 (depending on need), and mentoring and coaching support were provided to each of the 7 selected innovators that participated in the incubator programme.

Cordie Aziz: Environmental education for all, for a cleaner and healthier Ghana. Cordie is passionate about environmental education, and believes that a cleaner and healthier Ghana is possible if we engage with children. She will open a centre that will provide a safe and stimulating space for underprivileged children, who will be taught about environmental protection, sanitation and creative use of recycled materials. Her organization already runs successful seminars and camps for children in private schools, at a fee. Through the opening of an educational centre, she plans to expand her outreach and includes children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access this type of education.

Through “I imagine Ghana” she was able to hold Environmental Seminar for a total of about 310 children from two slum schools in Accra.

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