• Cordie Aziz

Environment360's Annual Float Your Boat: ARIS Victorious Once Again!

The daily battle to secure excellent grades and exceptional essays, whilst maintaining a healthy, social and creative lifestyle is one of the toughest challenges that an IB student faces. However, when the senior ARIS students were introduced to Environment360’s annual “Float your boat” competition and the cause behind it, they were ready to cram one more thing into their busy schedules.

The competition, which challenges students to build boats out of plastic bottles and race with them, was held at the Ghana International School on the 30th of March. Knowing that, both ARIS teams started working on their boats one month prior to the event, planning the hydrodynamics that would go into making the fastest yet most stable vehicles.

One of the winning team’s members stated, “It was a cycle of scepticism, pessimism, confidence and optimism. Definitely not a smooth track of emotions.” Certainly, one could imagine the challenges faced when building a boat with a material of such. Another team member stated, “Its non-malleable character meant flat edges that could potentially slow a boat down by a considerable amount, so we had to find a way to smoothen those edges to make them more speed friendly.”

See more on the competition here.

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