• Cordie Aziz

Cordie Aziz, Ghana’s Queen of recycling, showing them how it’s done

''We use human centred design to work with the informal sector to create a collection system that not only improves their work conditions, but also creates an effective collection system for urban residents.''

Cordie Aziz is the Founder and Executive Director of Environment360. Founded in 2014, Environment360 is the fastest growing environmental NGO in Ghana and focuses on creating innovative educational resources about the environment for children living in coastal and urban areas. The organisation specializes in creating inclusive recycling programs for both community and corporate organizations that have real economic and environmental impact for the communities that participate. Aziz is credited for creating the first successful community recycling program, Evolve. Through this program her organization, Environment360, has collected more than 120 tons of plastic and 200 tons of paper in 2 years. She also skilfully negotiated with the Accra Metropolitan Authority to make Envirnment360 the recycling coordinator for the city of Accra to increase the amount of plastic waste collected in each providers’ district.  Aziz is considered an authority on plastic waste management in Ghana and is often sought out by multinationals, diplomatic and development partners to provide insight on plastic waste management issues in Ghana. Her expertise has led her to work with industry giants such as Fan Milk, Dow Chemical Company and Voltic, the largest water supplier in Ghana.

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2015 UNICEF Reach for Change Award Winner