• Cordie Aziz

Constitutional Review Workshop for Waste Picker Organization

One of the main pillars of the Pick-It! project is to empower the waste pickers to organize and have a strong democratic association in Ghana.

This workshop focused on reviewing the association’s constitution. Using guidelines provided to them at the workshop, the waste pickers were able to develop a comprehensive constitution content.

All the following appeared in the document:

Objective of the organization·

  • Who the members are·

  • How the members are represented in the organization, structure, and committees·

  • How often they meet·

  • How leaders report to members·

  • How leaders are elected·

  • Leaders roles, responsibility, and power·

  • How finances are run and checked·

  • Discipline and dissolution of the organization

After the exercise, the pickers expressed how fulfilled they felt about the process of building a strong foundation for the association, yet also appreciated the fact that the road ahead would be long. However, they are willing to put in what will be necessary to organize as waste pickers to begin to be able to engage various stakeholders, and leverage partnerships and Government.

Waste pickers organization from the Kpone landfill and Tema Newtown attending the constitutional review workshop

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