• Cordie Aziz

Call for Proposals from Video Producers/ 3D Animators

Here is an opportunity for your next documentary! Send in your portfolio and CV to win a contract to create an edutainment documentary on Open Burning.

Environment360 is supporting an educational campaign to reduce the number of open burning incidents in the Jamestown area; the campaign targets women and children. As a result, we are currently seeking pitches from experienced individuals/organizations to create a short film/animation to help educate community members, mainly women and children, on the danger of open burning.

The company/individual that successfully wins this contract must meet the following criteria: - Develop an innovative idea that connects with women and children in coastal and urban communities and has the potential to effect behavioral change

- Produce a short, quality documentary/animation not exceeding 20 minutes

- Be able to film and/or produce the film within a 30 working day period

- Illustrate prior experience making educational documentaries and/or edutainment for local communities

- Provide samples of original work that can be readily shared and reviewed

- Tell a compelling story using fact based information Maximum Contract Award: GHS 22,885

To be considered send your pitch, along with any other relevant documents, questions or inquiries to programcoordinator@environment360gh.org by the 8th of April 2019.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited in for further discussion during the 10th April 2019 and the relevant contract and documents will be signed by the 20th of April. Work must be completed by 8th of May 2019.

Environment360 is a Ghana based NGO that creates indigenous recycling and educational campaigns that support the adoption of sustainable practices in communities in coastal and urban regions in Ghana. The organization seeks to create inclusive waste management systems by bringing together stakeholders at all levels of the waste management value chain to facilitate dialogue, increase coordination in the waste management sector and effect change that supports the economic independence of informal sector workers in waste management.


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