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BUILD-IT's by MIT/Environment360

One of the main objectives of the Pick-it project is to provide capacity building workshops and trainings in organizational development, leadership and negotiation skills, legal knowledge, and empowerment of waste pickers in the recycling scheme in a space of 2.5 years. 49 waste pickers benefited from a week-long creative capacity building workshop and a business master class. MIT remains a very important partner to the project and we are grateful for the build-it sessions they organised and administered to waste pickers throughout 2018. The content was customized in ways that suited the levels of the waste pickers thanks to the help and contributions from the E360 team who were co-facilitators of the capacity development and training sessions.

We bring you a recap of some of the sessions held:

The First of Many Creative Capacity Building Workshops was held in March 2018

In this workshop waste pickers were introduced to the design circle which used hands-on examples and helped participants think about how to adapt and eventually to design technologies. Waste pickers learned how to generate creative ideas and  how the design process can provide solutions to tasks that may have seemed impossible before.

Customer Segmentation Build-IT For every successful business, there needs to be a clear understanding of who the customers of the business are. This informs how the business is crafted to meet the demands of the customer based on the characteristics of the customer.  In order for the Pick-It waste pickers to develop their business further, a Customer Sedimentation Build-It exercise was organised for them and had David Ablorh (Pick-It Business Development Coach) as the lead facilitator, assisted by Israel Ableta (Community Organiser), Kafui Koranteng (E360 Program Manager), Libby. McDonald (MIT D-Lab), and Johnson Asante (MIT Assistant). A total of 22 waste-pickers participated in the exercise.

The Build-It exercise helped the waste pickers to brainstorm on who their various customers are, what their nature and character was, the potential each customer could contribute to growing the Pick-It business, and the best strategy to adopt in order to maximize material collected from the identified customers.  Before the brainstorming session began, the waste pickers were allowed to create various customer persona, after which they broke into smaller groups of 4 to 5 to have further deliberation on the identified customer persona.

Code of Conduct Build-IT The focus of the Build-It was to identify essential rules and regulations that will help the Waste pickers maintain order within the sorting centre and their business. During the section, participants took their time to reflect on their business’s challenges as well as key values, mission, and vision in their Business Manifesto to aid the discussion. It also helped Waste pickers to create a set of rules that will allow them to clearly understand what is expected of them as they work together to grow their business.  During the workshop, participants identified their challenges as; Disrespect, Theft, Chain of command, Respect for time and Fighting. After which they produced a PATH statement.

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