• Cordie Aziz

Build-it Business Manifesto

A build-it workshop was held on the 19th of October 2018 at the sorting centre with the support of Environment360, Fan Milk, MIT and WIEGO. The workshop was for the leadership of the Sorting Center and the two associations to develop together, a business manifesto, which becomes the guiding document for the group. In attendance were 10(ten) waste pickers, 2 from the Landfill Association, 3 from the Biakoye Association and 5 from the Sorting Center Leadership.

After several hours of brainstorming and arriving at solutions to different critical questions in the course of the build-up, the pickers collectively agreed on their business manifesto; "Our business is not simply a traditional sorting centre, instead, we are a part of an international movement, empowering waste pickers all over the globe to be key environmental workers building an organization that values Cleanliness, quality material, hard work and are safety conscious; recognizes communities (schools, churches, households), ourselves and the environment as our top priority, providing increase in income, jobs and improved health for poverty reduction, unemployment and flooding. in ONE(1)  year, PICK-IT will be able to increase collection by ten(10) times, receive materials form 100 waste pickers with two (2) additional tricycles and machinery(washer, crusher, bailer) for material processing."

It was a great exercise and the waste pickers equally felt the same way as they could see their contributions telling in the final manifesto. 

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