• Cordie Aziz

Baler Arrival- Pick-IT project

Our locally sourced baler for the Pick-IT project is being constructed by The Kantanka Group: it is due to be completed and delivered on the 3rd of November, 2018.

With the business picking up and material inflow to the sorting centre gradually increasing, the arrival of the baler to the sorting centre was very much welcomed by the waste pickers. The arrival of the baler to the sorting centre essentially enables the waste pickers can optimize the allocation of storage space, as material collected into the sorting centre will be compacted to reduce its volume.  The compaction of the waste materials also aids in the easy movement of the material within and out of the sorting centre.  The baler delivered to the sorting centre was locally manufactured and has the capacity to compact PET bottles into 25-30 kilogram bales. A training session is being organized by Environment360, Fan Milk, WIEGO and MIT in the coming days to ensure the waste pickers understand the capacity of the baler and can operate it efficiently.

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