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25 Waste Pickers Collect Over 1 Tonne of PET Bottles in a month!

Last month, Environment360 organized a 3-day Creative Capacity Building (CCB) seminar for 25 female waste pickers in Jamestown and Old Fadamma to help support the creation of cooperatives for the collection of plastic waste. 

The focus of the CCB training was to prepare women to create businesses that lead to the increased collection of PET in the Jamestown and Old Fadama areas. Women during the seminar learned to solve problems with little or no resources using the design process and prototyped what their businesses would look like, the utensils they would need to support their businesses and how they would ensure quality of the bottles. At the end of the event, 5 different cooperatives were created that consisted of 42 women.  

A cooperative is defined as a group of individuals who engage in similar work that aggregate their resources and labor to earn more money. The co-operative structure is mostly used within the agriculture sector. Environment360 is working with  with GIZ and the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia to better understand if this model is feasible for plastic collectiton as well. 

During the past three weeks, the cooperatives have collected one tonne of plastic bottles allowing each group to earn an extra income of around GHS 200 per month. 

Waste pickers designing prototypes of segregation bins at the CCB seminar

Display of prototypes of segregation bins by waste pickers

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